Monday, July 1, 2013

Save big money with the lifetime membership for elegantthemes!

Did you know?, the #1 source for elegant, premium themes for WordPress, does now also offer lifetime access for an affordable one-time fee! No more recurring payments + get access to all existing and future themes. If you know Nick Roach, the guy behind elegantthemes, you know without any doubt: That's a deal.

As a lifetime member of elegantthemes, you'll get:

  • Access to ALL themes (existing + future releases)
  • All updates + technical support
  • All plugins
  • Layered PSD-Photoshop files

That makes it the ideal offer for developers who constantly need new themes and also want to be able to work directly in the PSD-files (f.ex. to present a draft to a customer without having to code the whole theme before the order is placed). Also, a nice piece of PSD-artwork can be great to learn and get into the world of WordPress – as well as other website themes and templates.

In just a few years, your one-time-investment will pay off and you profit from ALL future theme, plugin and PSD releases.

Check out the lifetime access membership now!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

WordPress Makes The WORD Go Round!

Here's just a little contribution to the great community of WordPress users and developers: Recently I was musing around when I couldn't sleep, thinking of my online projects and their future outlook. I realized that a big part of my success (I earn some money online) is due to the ease and smoothness of my content management system, which since 2007 happens to be WordPress. Suddenly, a slogan came to my mind, and to my amazement, nobody seems to have had that spontaneous suggestion before:

WordPress Makes The WORD Go Round!

Monday, January 9, 2012

How to translate WordPress Themes to your language the easy way

WordPress is popular around the globe. It is the perfect content management system regardless of nationality or language. Its default installation is available in almost any language you can imagine. Knowing that, we put emphasis on easy translation of all our themes and plugins.

So translating your WordPress Theme is really easy. While the English and German version are already packed to our themes, they can be switched to any tongue in less than 10 minutes. No code needed. All you need to do is click some buttons and input your text. Here's a tutorial on that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to install WordPress Themes with sample content: Extended beginner tutorial

Complex, professional WordPress themes can be hard to understand. Especially if you are a WordPress beginner, written setup instructions may soon ask too much of you. That's why REAL Premium Themes like the great affordable designs of ElegantThemes come together with a sample content xml file:

ElegantThemes provides more than 80 themes for just $39 – that's less than 50 cents per WordPress Theme. I'm using their designs for years now and I'm happy to know them. Give them a try!

Using the xml file they provide will give you the exact copy of the theme demo (preview). From there, you can start digging into default posts, pages, categories, menus, widgets and so on. With this working sample on your own server, you will soon learn how to get your own site and content running.

Good news: Following these steps will only take you a few minutes. It can all be done some simple clicks and withour touching any code. Promised!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I used wordpress for a while, simply cause your theme was so cool

One of the nicest compliments we've ever received for our WordPress Themes is the one by Rich Griese. He uses drupal for his website but switched to WordPress simply because he liked the free Aeros Theme so much.

Here's what he wrote:

Your aeros series of themes is the greatest i have ever seen. Do you have a version for Drupal? I used wordpress for a while, simply cause your theme was so cool. But i really need all the database and user functionality of the drupal system.

Of course I've thought about porting the Themes to other content management systems like Drupal, Joomla or Serendipity. As our team is growing, this may happen in the upcoming months. Please let me know which CMS you use and which Theme you'd like to have ported!

Monday, September 14, 2009

WordPress is Worth Making a Change

Do you remember when you first started blogging why you chose your current blogging platform, like Blogger, Serendipity, TypePad or Moveable Type? Was it because it was what your friends used? Did it seem like the easiest one? The cheapest? Did you grab the first one you came to and stuck with it because change is scary? It’s easy to get used to something, and when it took you a while to learn something in the first place, like how to work your way around TypePad, it may not seem worthwhile to make a change later on. But it is. Particularly if you’re not already using (the self-hosted version).

So why WordPress? From a technical standpoint, I can tell you first hand WordPress (.org) is the easiest blogging platform to set up on a server. Installation is a breeze and maintenance is practically nonexistent. On the user end, WordPress offers the flexibility to create the blog you want, whether it means running ads and making money or simply maintaining control over your own content, not to mention keeping the rights (!). Incidentally, some blog platforms out there don’t allow you to run ads and since most blogs have at least some money making potential, this little restriction can really cramp your style.

With WordPress, there will always be some help around. Just take a look at this:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Why WordPress Theme Generators are NOT the best way to get a greatTemplate

When you launch a WordPress site, one of the items you will need is a WordPress theme. Sure, you can go with the default WordPress themes but if you want to make your site unique, this is hardly the way to go. So does it make sence to use a WordPress Theme Generator?

There are many ways to get a non-default WordPress theme. For instance, if you are a Web developer and designer and you have a lot of free time, you can create your WordPress theme on your own - or edit an existing one. If you are not that experienced, you can hire a Web developer and designer to create the WordPress theme for you. Another alternative is to buy a ready made theme – for instance offers many great WordPress themes for you to choose from.