Monday, August 31, 2009

Why WordPress Theme Generators are NOT the best way to get a greatTemplate

When you launch a WordPress site, one of the items you will need is a WordPress theme. Sure, you can go with the default WordPress themes but if you want to make your site unique, this is hardly the way to go. So does it make sence to use a WordPress Theme Generator?

There are many ways to get a non-default WordPress theme. For instance, if you are a Web developer and designer and you have a lot of free time, you can create your WordPress theme on your own - or edit an existing one. If you are not that experienced, you can hire a Web developer and designer to create the WordPress theme for you. Another alternative is to buy a ready made theme – for instance offers many great WordPress themes for you to choose from.

Finally, if you still insist to go the DIY-way, you can try your luck with a WordPress theme generator. As the name itself implies, a WordPress theme generator generates a WordPress theme automatically for you. You enter your requirements – i.e. font size and color for the text and headings, number of columns and layout, etc. - and the result is a ready-made theme.

This sounds so easy to do! However, be warned that it only sounds easy to get a WordPress theme generator and have a WordPress theme developed for you. While it is not true to say that WordPress theme generators are useless, very often the output is not exactly what you had in mind. The layout might be completely messed up in different browsers, colors and fonts might not show as you wanted them, the theme may not be valid or cause problems with search engines – these are just some of the surprises you can expect.

This is particularly valid if you want a more complicated WordPress theme with custom functions. In such cases, a WordPress theme generator might simply be incapable of doing it at all, not to mention doing it properly. While WordPress theme generators might be useful for small and simple WordPress themes, large and complex themes are beyond their powers. Therefore, if you want just a simple WordPress theme but you can't find something ready-made, you could consider a WordPress theme generator.

However, if you want something more advanced, WordPress theme generators will hardly help you.

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  1. Yes, all about the Wp generator is true, But if you know a little about WP coding & a medium level of CSS, you can make a basic theme & den modify it according to your needs.....